We need to increase the utilization of potatoes

Potatoes are a quality ingredient. Only with tools made of iron can you get them.

Potatoes are very hard to get. be too inefficient.

There is not enough food to make potato, can’t even put it on the plate. use shovels to get it.

The satiety is not bad.

But Everyone does the preciousness of a shovel.

Is the current potato worth that much?

Is potato a high-quality ingredient? Aren’t this?

I don’t think you’ve made anything useless.

I wish I could get potatoes more easily.

Dig out potatoes using homies.

Homie is a world-famous tool rediscovered in Yeongju.

I hope you can use it for more food ingredients in the future

I want to put it on the plate.

I want to make more and more diverse food with potatoes.


I’m glad you think so. I’m planning on making potatoes better and more useful.
Before that, there will be some improvements to carrot farming though. Stay tuned…


Yay!~~ :innocent: :+1: