We need to take strong action against the griefer

We need to take strong action against the griefer It’s gotten a lot worse to take as part of the game. The attached picture has already taken hours to restore this town. It’s hard to get the resources you need from the neighborhood. Because the griefer got rid of it. I’m sure you have a lot of worries. This town’s Eve is not active in the forum, so I post it for her. There is nothing left in the village to restore it. I broke everything. It’s easier to build a new town than to save it. Please find a way to prevent serious griefers.

I walked a long way from this village to get the thread. Only then did I get the thread. Bears don’t know how many they had to avoid. Without the railway, every bowl contains beans and no water can be used to conjure up water. I think it’s time to take the Griefer issue seriously.

There are many talented griefers. If you’re considering the idea of community service we’ve given you before, I’d like to ask you to do something that suits their ability.

We ask for your understanding that we are writing on this board because it is difficult to find a bulletin board that matches the theme of this article. Please let me know the bulletin board that matches the topic and I’ll move it


I sincerely feel sorry for what has happened, especially when considering the effort you made to build the village. But why don’t you do it in private server, if you want to build your dream village, or extreme village?
When i play on open server, I take even griefers as a part of life(i am not saying that i accept them. In fact they are annoying). I believe, in this way, you enjoy the game more.(i dont like to go back to old, or known village, i want different experience at various stages of village while on open server, meeting different people, doing various things…)

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First of all, this is not my town. And I don’t want to build an extreme village. This town is just a few examples, and Griefer’s bad behavior is getting worse on Korean servers. If there’s a village that’s established to a certain extent, that can last a generation, it destroys it. If you don’t stop them, there can only be an early village on the Korean server. I don’t know the level of griefer on other national servers. However, there is a griefer on Korean servers that not only Koreans but also foreigners work as a group. That level is no longer available on official server, so we all want to buy the server and play it. I also accept Griefer’s actions as part of the game, but I think it’s too much. Should Aurot accept them as part of the game in this situation? Unfortunately, I can’t help but keep asking this question.

There are few Korean servers. The highest number of users is 30 people. When there are more than 20 people on the line, there are about one to three villages open. We are trying to build a village in a non-generator server to inform you of the non-generator, but it is hard to tell you the non-generator because the gripper keeps coming and destroying it. Again today, in the village of the man who was trying to build a village on a non-generator server, Greeper continued to break it down with Eve Chain. In non-generator servers, there is no way to stop geeper, so most of them use kr-1 servers. There are only a few villages in Korea because there are few users. So we’re relatively vulnerable to the same damage. Please consider this part together.

There are already several threads about the griefer problem and how to deal with it. Please check the latest update from today here: Investigating new tools against griefers / 荒らし対策新ツールの検討


Thank you Christoffer. Starting with this change, I hope we can continue to improve our playing skills. Thank you for your efforts. I’m sorry that I keep complaining. As much as we love this game, please know that we are suggesting more and complaining as we want to continue playing it. They are relatively few Korean players, but since they’ve played for a long time, I really like this game.