We want to destroy it!

We ban that griffer but It’s not enough. He blocks all the water in the village like this.I wish this could be dismantled. This has cooled my enthusiasm for games these days.also it Block the path of the village or take over the village so that it can no longer be recovered.

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I cant upload photo so plz show this link

The website is not responding to my photo.:thinking: Maybe I can give you as many pictures as you want.
Can you cooperate with me on this? @Christoffer

Dismantling that object? Sure, that shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

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Yeah we want it dismatling! Is it possible?

Yes, we can add that for next release

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Is it already possible to remove the foundation of a bell tower? :thinking:


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I wish that would be possible as well :roll_eyes:

I don’t think bell towers should be dismantled, I think it could be at least done where it degrades slowly over time but you can use a smithing hammer to fix it. That way if it’s made by a griefer they can be banned from the area and eventually dismantled but if you are using it for a good purpose it will be there. I use bell tower bases for a lot of things and if this was changed then griefers would ruin the village I go to.