Weekend event 1: All the Way to The East

Version 1.1.1 has been released, and with it comes the Weekend Events!

Our events use regular OHOL as basis, but with different rules applied. We hope they will give you a different experience and allow you to enjoy the game even more!

This weekend the very first event “All the Way to the East” will be live! It is a challenging one. In this event:

  1. Everyone will join a team at first login and will be bound to that team until the weekend is over. You will spawn close to one of three team camps.
  2. Everyone is born as an independent and productive adult. Work with your teammates efficiently!
  3. Because of #2, the only member in your family is yourself. So no family tree history is generated for playing this event.
  4. Language selection is off. Your teammate could be anyone speaking any language. Find your way to cooperate!
  5. There are horizontal walls separating different teams apart, so teams can’t sabotage each other.
  6. The goal for each team is to go all the way to the east to reach a Monolith and trigger the Apocalypse before other teams do. There is only one Monolith per team.
  7. Ringing a bell tower will collapse one of the walls that block the road to the Monolith. Ringing all three bell towers will give a team access to the Monolith. The bell towers are all built and ready to ring. How to reach them? Make your way!

When a team has won the challenge, the map will be reset and you can play the event again for as many times as you like during the weekend. Various YouTube channels will be streaming/recording the event play, so keep an eye out on Youtube as well. The normal servers are also available if you want to play the original game.

This is our first attempt at holding an event. We hope everyone likes it. If there are things you think could be improved, or if you have ideas for other event challenges, we are eager to hear from you!

Thank you for playing this game!
The OHOL for Mobile team

Make your way through the wolf-infested Deadwoods, by cutting and digging.

Make a hole in the stone wall, but do watch out for the wolves!!

Clear a path in the Adobe Maze.

To get through the adobe wall, you have to be at least two players working in perfect synchronization.

Don’t forget that someone has to stay back and make all the tools that you need (and food too…)

No tool can get you through these walls…

…but ringing the bell tower will crumble one wall.

Divide your team so you can reach all three bell towers in parallel…

That way, your team could be the first to reach your Monolith!
(You have to find out how to use the Monolith yourself, but we can tell you that you will need gold)


Nice concept of competition.

Its very fun! Would be so much better if we keep spawning in the same team to continue our work

Edit: never mind I was spawning in another side of town !


really fun! hope you host it more often :3

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So stressed from this event I had to watch 15 mins of cat videos😥
Not many people actually help, and the bear part… oh man… I think it’s the hardest…had to vent lols houuff

It will be running through the weekend and restart when a team succeeds.

The event took a bit longer to complete than we were aiming for (like 3x longer). We will need to consider that when we design future events…

Well it’s very creative! Hats off to you! But oh man its hard specially with not much help people are just doing random stuff and greifing like crazy


Yes, it’s a bit hard to coordinate. I think team Milkweed won because they had Twisted who was live streaming. That helped quite a bit I think.

wondering if its possible to seperate by language for this event too…? it feels almost impossible to communicate with them, especially when they do things like eat all the food and not leave seeds :frowning: or… use tools just to make a nice road/path and breaking the tools/running away

Last night, I participated in the event with team “Gooseberry team”.
It was a tough one that was not fun.
Because a number of disturbing people were lurking in the team.

When we tried to do something, another problem had occurred in the tool for that, and we were constantly being chased by our response.
When we tried to bake the pie, the oven was destroyed by Steel Mining Pick.
When Steel hoe broke, Adobe kiln was destroyed and Iron Smithman was killed.
A grizzly bear came out at the base. After taking Grizzly Bear to the west, when I tell my friends how far they went, Adobe kiln and oven were destroyed in that gap. I was very sad.

Really enjoy at this event may be only those who are playing as like at a hidden secret base without the event, and disturbing people.

昨晩、私は"Gooseberry team"としてイベントに参加しました。



A major set back for our team was there was this very annoying person that blocked the ways when we reached the bell on purpose! :frowning:

I have noticed that I am lagging out a lot and its exclusive to the event server. I can switch to a different server and experience no issues. When I am extremely active. I will get stuck holding something that I can’t put down. Also I see a lot of people frozen who just disappear. I have not experienced any new issues, only lag related ones we have seen before. The reason I am bringing it up here is because I can see an over abundance of lag related problems. I am wondering if the problems are from so many people playing in a relatively small area and the ability to mass produce advanced tools overloading the server. I would be really curious to know the cpu and ram loads for this weekend.
By the way I love this event. Its so much fun.


We have noticed that as well. I have not verified but I currently think it’s probably because your mobile device is running slower due to many people in a small area doing a lot of things and there are many obstacles objects. Plus the normal network lag (server is japan this time).

I spawned in two different teams… wonder how that happened.

Spawning as an Eve on the server doesn’t seem to work for me either. Maybe its because I use different Wifi in different locations?

ah well, life is fleeting!

<3 <3

Eve Names: Tudor, Fortune, Food, Brisby, Frankenstien

The server gets reset with each apocalypse. This means any previous team affiliated would be reset as well.

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