Weekend Event 2: Shorter, Quicker and Cooler

This event is similar to what we had for last weekend with some changes and improvements. You will be assigned to 5 different teams and each team has about 20 people at most. Your goal is still to make your way to the east and trigger the Apocalypse before other teams do.

Changes in this event compared to the last one are:

  1. The event is significantly shorter. Instead of 3 lanes there is just 1 lane for each team to go through now, and that lane has fewer obstacles too. If your team is quick you may be able to do in in one to two hours.

  2. There are still 3 bell towers along your way and you need to ring each to collapse the stone wall which stops you going further. Wait, what’s wrong with the last one?

  3. Snow biome won’t appear naturally. But you will face one in your journey. It’s cold, deadly cold, much colder than you think. Don’t be fooled by your thermometer. It’s frozen there.

  4. No more saving food by intentionally starving. When you spawn you will already be hungry. Make sure there’s always food in your base camp!

The event server will start at 1pm UTC (3pm CET) on Friday and will run until Sunday.


(If you didn’t participate in the first event, read about it here)


I updated the game but somehow I still can’t join the event why :((

It hasn’t started yet

Oh okai lols

At what time will it start? :thinking:
Will all events start around the same time in the future?
Just asking because I missed the first one.

Update: Is it going to start around 12:56 UTC? :arrow_down:


You should follow our Twitter feed :wink:

It will start at around 1pm UTC (2 hours from now)

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Well now I have a reason to use my twitter LMO :sweat_smile:
Thank you for answering my question.

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Omg… Someone on milkweed turned every long straight shaft into stakes… Every single one!


How nice (we really need a sarcasm font).

Dontcha just love griefers?



I’m on team gooseberry in the current event, and the greifing is CRAZY! I kept asking why only one person replied with “win” you can’t even make it to 17 ! People keep killing…

We will have cursing in place before the event next weekend. Then there will be ways to get rid of the griefers.

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event suggestion: a weekend ‘town’? kinda half-baked but i think worth considering haha

seeing how theres so many posts with beginners struggling and making the game more friendly to new players, i feel like a weekend town will help.

esp since in the past 3 events, concentrated numbers seem to make learning easier for new players bc thrs so many people.

basically:: small areas of mixed biomes and trees surrounding them, (many many areas) and each team works to connect every town? then people can expand the town and work together to advance it or just make it look nice :rofl:. maybe a bonus challenge at the bottom of map would help make this fun. i think it’s basically the concentration of spawns that’s making the events fun.

alternative;: was reading about the ‘reward system’ some people suggested to fix suicide babies and griefers. I was thinking maybe you can earn points by participation in the town? e.g ‘good actions’ earn you more points and stuff like that.

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Thank you for the feedback!