Weekend Event 3: Yummy Potluck Party (Details included)

Weekend Event 3: Yummy Potluck Party

The event this weekend will be very different from the previous ones. It will focus making a lot of different foods to give to other players. Details about this event are listed below.

First, regarding the map:

  1. There are 15 camps and players are born as adult to different camps.
  2. Cursed players will be born in the donkey town up in the corner, which is the 16th camp in this event.
  3. Normal camps are connected with fast roads.
  4. There are roads connecting normal camps to donkey town as well, but are slow ones. And donkey town is far far far away. I don’t think prison break is possible.
    An illustration of the map:
  5. There is an area with wooden floor in each camp (including donkey town) and it’s a “Dining Hall” (the use of it is described below).

Second, special rules apply to make it even more fun and challenging:

  1. You may not feed yourself unless you are in the “Dining Hall”. Eat attempt in other places than dining hall have no effect.
  2. You can feed other players or get fed by other players anywhere in this event.
  3. You can only name your character once during the entire weekend event. Once your character is named, the same name will be used for all your future lives/characters in this event.

The yummy rules work as normal. If you don’t know how it works you can find it here:

Third, about scores:

  1. If you get fed by another player with a yummy food, your score increases by half of the yum bonus. But if this food is not yummy (meh) to you, your score does not change.
  2. If you give food to feed another player and this food is yummy to them, you gain their full yum bonus to your own score. But if this food is not yummy to them, you will loose points.
  3. Eating food by oneself will not change one’s score.
  4. Each life you live you restart fresh. Your best-ever score is recorded. Try to break your personal record and beat others’ records.

So basically you feed other player with high risk and high return because you don’t know if the food in your hand is yummy to them or not. Getting fed by other players is safer because it cannot reduce your score, but also rewards you less. No interaction with other player also means no change in your score.

We hope you will enjoy this event! See you in game!
OHOL for Mobile team


So creative! ! Love the idea can’t wait till it starts!
Hope there is no griefing in the event :roll_eyes:

Is cursed mean anyone whose been publicly cursed or someone who has murdered or is it all that and anyone who kills a murderer

The only way to get cursed is if a player curses you. There is no auto-curse from killing.
If you do kill someone, they may choose to curse you (if they have a curse token ready), or they may not. Same for other players who are around and maybe see the murder happening.

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If there is, you can now use your curse token. Just don’t use it too soon - you only get one per two hours gameplay.
Have fun!

Thanks for the reply!