Weekend Event: Solo Challenge

I really like this idea, and this event! It’s nice to be able to try things out at your own speed, without other players getting mad or annoyed at you. I do think there should be a way to exit the server after completing the challenge. Maybe not directly booting the player off the server, but giving an option to leave?

Either way, thanks for hosting these kinds of challenges!


I did it in

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Why is there a skeleton in the corner?

Lol that looks like the one I was on, I died in a corner XD could be someone else though

I just want to inform that there is some kind of bug. I can just pick up the foods outside and eat it to complete the challenge.

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Ok, that’s weird. Thanks for reporting.

If you swipe up an item over a blocks working item with bare hands, you can get it in hand.

Hey, can you add private servers that require codes to enter? and also “Creative mode” which you cannot starve or die, and you can change the settings of speed. And, also you can craft/build ANYTHING you want.

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I realize my map design is basically people making themselves fat and delicious for Mr Snake in the corner. He’s the real winner here.


I did it


Yep. There’s a bug alright. We can pick up the food outside by dragging it to the wall. @christoffer

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Got it!

A new version of this event is live now: Farm and Food Event. (It is much harder than the last one though)
This time we run one server in Japan and one on the US east coast, to make latency less of an issue for some of you.

Good Luck!



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Mmmmm… Sounds delicious…


It was fun trying out cooking for once lol. Glad I caught the event before it ended!


To make it food eating event more challenging, released the danger noodle (pun intended).