Weekend Event: Solo Challenge

It’s time for the first Weekend Event of 2019!

This will be a new type of event, where you play by yourself and try to accomplish a task as quickly as possible. We have plans to replace the current tutorial with a much shorter one, but instead add a number of solo challenges, where you can try things out without the pressure of feeding kids at the same time. This weekend you get to try out cooking a number of different foods. The challenge is to finish as quickly as possible. When you break your record, feel free to take a screenshot and tweet it using the #oholFastFood hashtag.

We hope you will like it! Please give us your feedback in any case, so we can make this feature as good as possible for everyone.

Other solo challenges we are thinking of (for newer players) include Making Fire and Making a Farm. More experienced players may enjoy a new version of the Toolmaking which currently can be found last in the tutorial area.

The event starts on Friday, at 1pm, UTC. Enjoy!


Ooooh! An event!



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It’s fun!! However, we need a way to die after ate all foods.

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That was fun. In a rush, I used flint on all my dried corn and had to wait for another ear to dry out. We do need a way to die instead of waiting to starve after eating all that yummy food. Now… back to our regularly scheduled programming… :grin:

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Yeah, we’ll add your favorite snake back:)


I really liked the idea! Specially since I don’t know how to make a lot of things in this game yet


Finish mine . Turns out i need rabbit carrot pie not berry rabbit carrot pie. I finished it for 11 minutes but after 4 times to start over that makes me finnish it more than an hour.

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I love this event guys :slight_smile:


Nice to hear!

3rd try!

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My best time so far.


Wow! sounds fun!! im a little confused on how to start get to it though. like is there a link or button somewhere?

It should be in the server directory, did you try there? You know where the servers are listed

I am not alone in the solo challenge hahahahaha


Lol how’d you do that? I tried the solo challenge, and no other players showed up XD

I don’t know, I just start another solo challenge and find someone there hahahahaha, very funny. We try to cook together but with a silly mistake, we can’t finish the last food. We laugh together and starved hahahaha.

That’s awesome!

I enjoy and love this event:)


If it wasn’t for the laggy event server I’ll be close to that time