Weekend wars

A new weekend event where players are born into two separate camps. They gave to fight their way to the other camp through a maze whike also setting up camp and crafting weapons. If you are killed by the other team you cant log in for an hour. Winner kills everyone on the other team.


Ohhh, like a cool down for that server. I really dig this idea.

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nice idea

There used to be big weekend events when the game first came out. Search “event” here for old posts about it. They had major issues with greifing at the time. If killing is blocked it would solve half the problems. I would really love to see them come back though. The end of the events is honestly the reason I stopped playing originally.


Yeah, those original events were fun. The goal was for your team to survive and make your way past obstacles and challenges…last task was crowning a wild horse, I believe…before the other team. So it was about speed and efficiency, not killing. I enjoyed helping out.

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Would be awesome tbh