Weird bug

I encountered a weird bug in the first game I played today. What happened was I spawned as an eve,gave myself the name “big papa” and my kid “moopy”. After I fed them to mosquitos and picked them back up I told them that we were eastbound. After they said “ok” they made it sound like they jumped out of my hands but they disappeared! Then I couldnt pick up anything to eat. Afterwards when I died I noticed they appeared where my body was on the final frame. Soon after they died but their final words was “hel”. Idk if they were in hell or needed help lmao.

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It seems to be a semi common bug if you have enough food ticks you can control your temp and the baby will atomatically be dropped when they get to big. I think thats 4yrs old. I think someone throwing a snowball might help to. So if you have multiple children that could be one way of fixing it.

He was probably trying to say help because of the glitch and gave up at three years old. I imagine he was seeing the stuff you do when a laggy player picks you up. Like you suddenly goo shooting off the edge of the screen untill they put you down or you jump from their hands then the screen slowly scrolls back to you. But since you cant put them down and they cant jump from your arms they decided to turn off the game at three years old lol.

Next time this happens to any of us we should tell the baby after to post on the forums about it to help the developers fix the bug.

It’s 5 years old.

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Ah ok. I just never really payed atention to that lol.