So I noticed today that we have gone from 52 active users to over 160 in the last 24 hours!!! Please introduce yourselves! Where you found us from, whether you’ve played on PC or this is your first time playing the game!

We’re a very small community so I think it would be a good idea to get to know each other a little bit!
My family name is normally “Notts” so if I birth any of you, you’ll know :wink:


I’ve been so eager to play this game. But I have a Mac and I heard there’s problems with it, besides I don’t have any money to purchase the game.

Bottom line is I am well excited to play the game for free on the phone. I really just want to play it already for my first time no matter if it’s in beta. I sent a message to the developer and I’m waiting to get the download link. Can’t wait to play from my iphone and build a beautiful family with you guys

Vlad from Romania

By the way, I think the rapid growth of users is thanks to this YouTuber, HoneyBunnyGames, he put a link to his video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leOQpYBpjVw

Hi there, I saw the game on HoneyBunnyGames’ YouTube channel and it seemed very interesting when it came out. I really wanted to play the game on pc, but my pc was broken and I don’t have any way of purchasing the game. Yesterday he uploaded a video of him playing the game on mobile and I immediately made a forum account and signed up for the beta. I’ve been playing the game since yesterday and the minute I got the invite to the beta and downloaded it, I immediately liked this game. It’s very addicting too. The only problem I have right now, are network issues (Maybe because I have really bad internet or I live far from the servers).

I saw HoneyBunnyGames talking about this mobile version and I just loved it.

Yep thats how i first saw this game!

Which country are you in?
Do you have network issues with other apps as well?

I live in Suriname, which has really. Really. Really bad internet. I sometimes have connection issues with other apps too, so it’s probably my internet connection

I really loved the gameplay of tthe game and i really want to try in on my android… Can i get a download link to the game?

I have over 250 hours on the PC vertion. My girl also use the same PC and she have closer to 200 hours. I bought the game twice, before our laptop died. Now she stoled the PC from me and I was left with the Xbox. Rip.
I knew about the OHOL app version in the main forum, wile I was checking the updates.

Finally I can play the game back!!! Im wiling to buy the app at day one.

Also I am an oficial OHOL Spanish translator. You can find our version in the main forum over the tranlations tab.

And thats it…