What do cursed people do in Dongki Town?

First of all I use a translator.
So English can be unnatural.
Please excuse my bad English. :slight_smile:

​I know that the grippers will be released from Dongki Town after filling their time.
What do they do during that time?
Do you just eat berries and play games lightly?
I don’t think it’s a punishment for the grippers.
Because I think time is too weak for the grippers.

They’re the ones who broke the Town and hurt it.
I was very upset when my favorite villages were destroyed.

So I’d like to comment on their prison, the punishment in Dongki town.
I think it’s better for them to work and be released than to be released by just taking the time.
I mean, why don’t we give them a mission or something?
I think I should remind them that it’s easy to break but hard to make.
They make more than N specific items in Dongkitown.
Wouldn’t that reduce the gripper a little?
I think it’s okay not only for us to report it, but for us to make a separate list of reports and punish them according to their type.

I’ve been thinking about a solution because these days, grippers have been destroying villages.
Thank you for reading the long story.
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They have to spend hours of playtime in there before getting out. That definitely seems grueling enough.

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Good idea to make the griefers do tasks :slight_smile: . So they can’t just sit in the jungle eating bananas, while watching a movie or do something else. So the griefers have actually to do something in game, which will help them to get out of the donkey town.

There are lots of players playing alone in mulitplayer games and it’s no grueling to them. So i don’t see your point. Can you explain?


Isn’t it just killing time?
The punishment looks very weak.
They don’t do anything, they just eat wild food.
It’s not that difficult.
They hurt other people.
So I don’t think the punishment for making something is too heavy.


Sitting in a jungle eating bananas for an hour or two is not fun whatsoever, especially when you have to factor in that the griefer has to avoid many mosquitoes in there. It is very boring. That is the punishment.

What I said above also applies here. As for three hours of time making items, I don’t think griefers would be willing to do that, nor would they be intelligent enough. They’d probably just uninstall the game, making You Are Hope lose even more players.


Grippers aren’t just focusing on games in Dongkitown, are they?
They won’t be bored.
I agree with what Swizaid said.
They’re just eating in Dongkitown.
It’s not difficult, so you can do it by watching a movie or doing something else.
Can this really be enough punishment for grippers?
I don’t think they’ll do anything bad if they realize it’s hard to build a village and manage it.

Do you think we should accept the gripper?
The town of someone I know has been destroyed by Griffer.
It was my favorite town and I was very upset when I saw it.
Eve in the town was heartbroken and tried to delete YAH.

If you’re worried about Gripper leaving YAH,Gripper, who hasn’t left, will destroy the town again.
Eves who build the town, or those who love YAH, will leave heartbroken, and only Gripper will be alive.
Do you think this will increase the number of people who play YAH?


maybe griefers should come back as sheeps. so you can put them in a pen.


Then they get killed by other grieffers! = Karma


It’s interesting to be born as a sheep! It suits them