What do I pay for private/friend server,?

I started wondering why I have to spend quite a bit of time to find my own town on private or friends server, when I die before 55 or 60. On private or friend server, I guess nobody dies intentionally, unlike public server. On public server, if you are born as an eve and survive until 60, you will be respawned near where you died as a reward is what I understand, and which is good. But why the same logic for private/friend servers? It looks as if I had paid for being punished, while you survive until 60 without bringing up your kids on public server, you can build your own empire.
I don’t think there is any harm if we can respawn near where we die, irrespective of age, in private/friend servers, and I guess that is one of what we pay for.
Any thought of yours?
(I renewed my rental, but I can not go back to my home town even after walking more than 10 years for several life… Maybe I am careless to bump into snake, wolf, pig, but why do I pay for? )
Restriction, limitation is all good for griefers and suiciders, I don’t know. But I remember Japanese servers sometimes have three digits players with greifers, and it was still rewarding and fun, even to overcome the greifers are an element of fun… Unless number of players is increased, killing griefers is just killing this lovely game(griefers are also players)

If you click on the button for private servers in YAH, you get a list of types of payments.

Hi, I know it and that’s what I did to renew, but what is the difference between private/friend server and public server? Even on public server, if you decide that you won’t bring your children up, you can do what you are entitled on private/friends server. And my concern is that right now, Dev seems to concentrate on restricting those who takes advantages of current system, but that does not help much, is my thought

Sorry, i was going to react but reacted on the wrong page :man_facepalming:. You can still read it here.

the main different of public and private server is you will get permenant homemarker in private server so you can always go back to your town. If you play solo in public server, no one ring the bell for you and you will easily lost your town after you die.


We’re now doing 20 minute eve runs in our server and I still think its worth it.

Just not having to think about security when building and having very griefable towns and gardens is amazing.

I’ll be honest, I wouldnt complain if the eve spiral was cut to half it’s current size on private server :joy:


Someone reported directly to me that it took them 10 minutes to walk to base after each spawn on their solo server. I agree that this is not good design and that we have to change it. It’s in our prioritised list for next update. Since we have permanent home markers, it makes sense to center spawning around that marker instead of around the map origo.


Oh god thank you :pray::pray::pray: I dont need to take my phone in the shower or eat pies while driving or walk into walls anymore thank you thank you I’m so happy :sob:


That’s cool. I’ll be eagerly waiting for it. Thanks a lot!!!

It would be great if I don’t need to live till 60 on my private server.