What essential things come first when starting an eve town?

I’ve been starting or born into a lot of eve towns recently where the town barely makes it past gen 3 before dying out.
I always try to gather iron and make an axe first but what should come after that?
Following that question do you guys have advice on picking a good spot?

Water and soil are the most important These two must be present. Water is more important than soil. After settling down, grow a carrot and graze a sheep. Then gather iron and breed horses.


Whenever I look for a good starter spot, I aim for water #1, then a good combination of nearby basic resources…berry bushes, clay, reeds, thread, straight logs, soil. That usually means an intersection of grassland, prairie, and swamp. An adjacent badlands for iron is a plus. Jungle with accessible bananas (no mosquito swarms) is nice, and can make up for a minimum of berry bushes, but one with lots of mosquitoes can end up being a hassle to travel around. I have no interest in snowy tundra, since I have not figured out fishing yet, and that seems all it has to offer.


Heres the recipe for fishing.

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Wow, awesome! I have not seen that site before. Thanks!!

Just note that some of the stuff will not be accurate because it’s made for the pc version which has some things like planes which we don’t have.


agreed - I often see people constantly watering the berries when there’s plenty of food and thus the berries just go to waste as due to the new update, the berries rot within a short period of time if not fully picked.

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