What even was the point?

I wasted so much time and gold doing this.
What’s that tiktok sound?
“All that work and what did it get me? Why did I do it?”

Feeling that super hard rn :joy:

But seriously, whats the point? Should I bother w the other monolith options? Like the blood one.


Monoliths where used in OHOL to start the apocalypse… OHOL removed that feature a wile back… Why would it be a “thing” here? If you want to experience an apocalypse, i suggest you play with a private server settings (specially the game mode), as it has a “challange” to reach a monolith and “creat” the apocalypse. But it’s a challange run,getting true a maze, and will only affect the server you play on…


yes it only triggers the apocalypse, if you set your private server to the event “to the east”. in the regular game it got disabled because players got mad about losing all progress, each time the apocalypse happend.

Makes sense, nobody would want a random guy to ruin the experience for everyone

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