What happened to all the advanced civilisations?

It seems that whenever I spawn im with a eve or someone who just got farming going. Usually I spawn in a as boy and get ditched so even if I do end up in a place with a good farm I dont live very long.

Starting a new generation is cool, but the past 30 times ive spawned its almost always at the beginning. My children for some reason never take care of the farm and end up starving???

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Teach your kids how to take care of the farm.
Communicate with them. And don’t just tell them to watch videos or read the forums.

Like in real life, you have to pass your knowledge to future generations because that makes you a better mother with stronger kids and the game gets a lot more interesting, in my opinion.

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Hmm ok, usually they rarely talk but I’ll try to teach them and chat with them. A lot of the time they just wander off so I’ll show them how to farm when they are babies.

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I think it’s because the player base on mobile is younger on average and also just a lot of noobs. When I first got it no one even knew how to thresh wheat but now I’m starting to spawn into small farms and people are more knowledgeable. We will get there.


It takes time, just like the computer version did.

Going to take a while some people are more willing to learn quicker the others so some will be reasearching constantly trying to get new ideas and become a lot more useful in camp but some players would either rather do it themselves and try to learn or refuse to reasearxh anything about the game

Honestly I have the same problem but sometimes starting out is the best thing cause you aren’t going to be the last and anybody who played the tutorial like me regardless if they where new has a really good chance of living if they are taught the small important things like “stay away from deserts and mountains.” “Stay away from animals except rabbits.” “You can live once you have hair”