What if we can be a premium players without buying a private server?

So, how about to add a role of premium players but without own server, so we can stay on other ppl private server when they’ve left? Not for free, but for half of a price of private server for 10 ppl, or 2$? I think it’ll be useful for who doesn’t want to have their own server but would love to play on other ppl servers for longer.

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The price is already halved, to make it affordable. The cost is shared by all premium players rather than each player paying for their own use plus “guests”. If each player paid full cost for their own server, the price would land around $10/month instead, but we saw that on average there are fewer servers active than there are paying players, so we decided it was fair that the cost is shared instead of payed in full by each premium player. It’s primarily the time when the server is running that is costing us money (excepting work costs), so that’s why at least one paying player is required for running the server.


Didn’t knew about that. Have a great day)