What if we get furniture?

What do you think of furniture?
a desk, chair, bed, etc
Storage boxes as storage furniture already exist, so let’s exclude them from here.

Of course, it would be nice if they had a useful function, but it would require another energy presence. It’s not a hunger gauge. It’s a psychic thing.
Their functions are therefore only be limited.

You’re sitting in your chairs. On the table, you can read the document or eat something. And I could talk with people.

They perform the functions of entertainment and help you relax. During a break, the hunger gauge slows down.

Temperature control is related to hunger gauges. Gauges burn fast in places that are too hot or too cold.
Existing buildings are not attractive. It is because of the difficulty of temperature control.
Furniture will help with this problem.
Using furniture will slow down the hunger gauge and increase your desire of building.

This is just a suggestion, but I will also raise the recipe for furniture if there is a good response. This may require new resources. (e.g. cotton?)


i think it would feel more like home when there are furnitures in houses. i like the table, because you could put food on it, instead on to the ground. also some shelves would be nice.


I agree, especially I want to organize my clothes.:sweat_smile:


Your post gave me this idea .3.