What is a monument?

So I was playing the game and searching for the willage where I died and I found this

Its name is monument

Is it that doomsday device or? pleaze tell me in the replies

That is the devil device that destroyed everything that we got in our thousands of generation…
Run far, far away from that thing, and never come back to it. Before God punish us for our evil, and send the apocalypse on us.

That divice is caled Monolith, and after several steps you can provoke the apocalypse, that wipes everything in the server and start it from scratch.

I died in 3 apocalypse.
I was part of one. My task in that one was to forge a carrot crown, and 3 gold ingots. The whole village (North West) wast part of that one…



And you are goog with rimes

Thanks. My main language is Spanish. I try my best in English. I also have 7 books of my own. I never had publish one…


Why not you are a great writor even in your description I am amazed


Hola soy un principiante en este juego, en serio eso llama al apocalipsis


Si. Eso es un altar creado para provocar el apocalypse.
Un buen dia Jason decidio crearlo para que las personas tuvieran que empezar de cero.
La razon de esto fue porque el nivel de tecnologia alcanzado en los tres servidores principales era demaciado avanzado y no le dabamos tiempo desarrollar nada nuevo. El viernes el ponia una actualizaciĂłn nueva, el sabado ya habiamos hecho todo lo que el puso.
Tambien hubo otra razon a esto, y fue que cada vez que una Eva nueva era creada, ella siempre aparecia encima de campamentos en ruinas.
No habia arboles, comida, hilo; no habia necesidad de sobrevivir.
Las matanzas eran a diario. Tambien hubieron 4 guerras, en las cuales yo participe en 2 de ellas.

Todo esto y mucho mas provoco que Jason decidiera crear el apocalipce. Hubieron 5 en total. Yo morĂ­ en 3 de ellos. Fuy participe de dos.

English translation of my above coment:

Yes. That is an altar created to provoke the apocalypse. One day, Jason decided to make it, so everyone had to start from scratch.
One of the reason was, because the current tech level was max out in all of the 3 main server, and he dint have any time to create nothing new. On friday he will lounch and update, on saturday everything was already done.
Another reason was that every time a new Eve was created, she will literally spawn on top of a ruined camp. Were there was no trees, food, thread; no reason to survive.
We had dayli killings… There were 4 wars, wish I was part of two of them.

All this and much more, were the reasons that Jason created the apocalypse. We had 5 in total. I died in 3 of them. I participated in 2.