What is a yum chain?

This is probably a dumb question but I see that used a lot in this community, I’ve never heard it used it used in any other gaming communities before. So, what is it?

At your food bar displayed on top on the screen, there you have the squares which tell you how hungry you are. If you pick up food you have a little smiley which says if food is «yummy» or «meh». and then there is a the yum bonus indicated by a number like +1.

so if you eat different food you can get more food bonus. like eat a berry. then you eat a banana. then you eat a cactus fruit. you should have like +2 or +3 bonus. because you ate different food. never eat a food twice or the bonus will start from 0 again. if you eat different food you can get a bonus of +30 and even more. so you have to eat less over time because of a healthy diet :wink: . so you can also travel further without eating.

the thing is. you can only eat when you get hungry again. so some players even starve themself by walking into mosquitos. then the food bar drops and you can eat a different food again. so you can even get a bonus of +150. but it’s risky to starve yourself :wink:

i dont use the yum chain myself. i mostly eat cactus fruits and bananas :yum:


You can really take advantage of the yum chain if you want to, but it isn’t required.


I’ve been living off of pies, since they raise the hunger the most. Often times I’ll go without eating, usually when I’m working. Then when my food bar gets too low I’ll eat a pie.

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I love to increase my yum chain!
(only on advanced places)

At my place i ve a “yum Station” for that


wow +142 :star_struck: so much

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