What is DonkeyTown?

I’ve been hearing references on the forums about this. I suspect it’s a pc only phenomenon, since cursing has yet to be in the mobile version.

I know there is a game mechanic that if you are cursed in the new update, you always spawn outside of civs and away from people. So does the game randomly spawn cursed people near each other and they form a donkey town? Or is there an actual cursed town you spawn into if you get cursed?

I’m not 100% sure on this as I’ve never been there on pc but from what I have gathered you end up in donkey town which is basically a area like the normal game except you are miles and miles away from other players you will have black text and only give birth too curses children and you’ll be cursed yourself until you manage to lower your curse points enough to be put with the normal players I think it’s 10 curse points to be put there which is 10 different players cursing you which is difficult to get anyway it can be a long a lonley time while your there because you don’t get many cursed children as not many people will be cursed they recon it would take 7/8 generations to be able to move from donkey town almost constantly running to the normal player area which is near enoufh impossible this is not currently on the mobile version but curse points are comming out in the next update so maybe we will see a similar thing on the mobile version seems like a good idea to me you wanna ruin the game for everyone else ruin it too each other :’)

Have you seen this?

Wouldn’t that make it a bit too easy to curse someone would be another way of grieving because if you abandoned a kid or someone just wanted to be an idiot they could run around and just curse say everyone esseially even though there isn’t much difference between writing a name or pressing a button but writing a name would be enough to put some people off compared to just running around pushing a button

Once you cursed someone you cannot do it again before another two hours game play. So you cannot excessively curse.

Thanks y’all. I saw that announcement for the curse update and had seen references to donkey town on the pc forum.

Is it an actual city/settlement or just a series of unconnected camps?

Also, in the pc version it hasn’t been much of an issue of people using curse tokens unprovoked.

Appreciate the info!

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It’s less of a issue on pc because it’s not just a button you actually need to write the persons name out to curse them so it puts people off of just cursing for no reason also it doesn’t allow for noobs to see a pretty button and click it to see what it does and donkeytown isn’t an actual town or anything it’s like the normal game but yu spawn so far away from any other players that you won’t ever find another camp like I said in my last post would take 7 generations continuously running to even come close to joining the main game which is impossible because would need to stop for food and ■■■■ and not everyone is gnna be on the same wavelength and to get 7 generations of only cursed children alone would be extremely difficult cause not ■■■■ loads of people on your server are gnna be cursed also people who are pursed are cursed for a reason to run all they’ll more likely plot to kill you or just want to grief your trip to the main Area it’s jusg called donkeytown cause it’s a punishment to be outcast that far and only have other cursed people around you if your lucky enough to even find one