What make we delete this game

We try to enjoy it every time, but we get tired of it. It’s only happened every three hours. Do you know how sad it is to hear someone destroy my village? More and more I am just repairing the house in the game. Trees are hard to plant for hours, but Griffin cuts down the jugu jangchang. Even if I find them, I am not allowed to send Dongki because I am alone.Who do you think would be fine if he came here five times a day? I am very angry right now for me and this game I cant any harm to them. They’re swarming and bursting, and I’m really distressed . who’s trying to make the town pretty?!!
Because of this already, many friends deleted the game and I tried but it was no use.Grippers are no longer one of the player they are bug that you must clean up
I can post more picture
So @Christoffer plz Don’t let them play any more games right now. I’ll send the chronicles.


Some of us even have people who don’t raise babies because of them. It’s anonymous, so we don’t know who Griffer is. Isn’t this the game we’ve been hoping for? With cute babies and village-building games, many people got rid of the game because griffer make we didn’t trust each other and lost the village, and because of the futility, anger, and endless restoration work.

What time do the griefers usually appear?


I don’t think so
They don’t seem to have a fixed period of time. They steal horses to look for the village, and when the town’s restoration is complete, they repeat the destroy
They could always be seen as observers, but after deportation they did not go to donkey. They enjoy being deported and die outside the village to prevent go to donkey