What needs to be fixed to prevent continuous village destruction

We have a problem with regularly breaking down the village when it grows to a certain extent. This seems simple but it is believed that there is a hole in our penalty for gripper. First of all, Gripper, who regularly comes to the village, often changed his name to the village. So, even if he was expelled from the area, he would come back to the village after a month. So I hope there would be a penalty to lose his chain if he was deported. That way, we will be able to prevent the constant destruction. My village is a regular gripper every month, and even if I don’t open it, it comes to me, but there are more and more villages like this. So I write an eagle on behalf of the broken village.
I hope there’s no more pain in Eve’s life.Screenshot_20201121-202832_KakaoTalk

The second is about items.
They can’t break the box, so they can board it and crush it with an axe. Thirdly, the village is packed with radio parts. I’d like to fix this. Rather, I couldn’t break down the radio, so the finished product stole the parts and made a lot of unfinished work space. These items need to be modified.

If boxes were breakable, couldn’t griefers use that to their advantage?

Yeah, @WumboJumbo has a fair point.

@Yang-E yes i think it’s a good idea you can move the radio base. it’s annoying to have blocking items in game. also i think it’s a good idea to let the griefer lose its rebirth-marker.

@WumboJumbo break a box with an axe got taken out of the game. i don’t think it gets implemented again. also you just can add a branch to get the box out of the way.

How about changing the recipe?
Board + rope = normal box
2Board +rope = lidded box
I think this will stop Griffing.

oh you talk about the chest? yeah i don’t like that item, because it blocks tiles.

How would one person move a whole entire radio base though?

Then again, if your character moved slowly while doing it just like a boulder, that would make some sense.

I guess that is good.

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I think it’s better not to let the whole radio go, because they often take the parts and run away.
How about being able to move or disassemble an incomplete radio?

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Yeah, I would prefer if you had to disassemble it.