What race is this and why is there only one for now?


There isn’t a male version of this character, are they in development right now? If so, what race is this?

I thought there was.

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What do you mean

I think there is a male version

Been in the game for a very long time just didnt habe a female version

You got a screenshot?

In the PC version.

Then can you send it? Also is the male version of the really dark skinned person coming to mobile?

Here you got.


Why isnt that character in the mobile version? Is it gonna be added soon?

Who knows?

I got both male and female of this.

I looking at onetech:

Male002 D – Female001 D
Male005 D – Female003 D
Male007 C – Female004 C
Male008 C – Female006 C
Male010 D – Female009 D
Male012 C – Female011 C
Male014 A – Female016 A (male is SylarUchiha’s one.)
Male015 F – Female013 F
-missing- – Female018 A (female is MasterMauro’s one.)
-missing- – Female017 F

umm we arent missing those… they just arent as common as the rest.