What’s you experience with replanting trees?

Do they spawn branches as normal? Or do we have to soil/water them like gooseberry bushes?

I added a mango tree to my farm, but had to add a full bucket of water and basket of soil for it to produce fruit. I have zero experience with wild Mangos, though—had to travel to get the cutting—so maybe that is normal for those trees, even in the wild. But maybe not…

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for domestic mango is like you say.
and everytime all fruits picked up you need to soil and water again, to get new fruits.

You only get fruit with domestic mangos

the trees that usually get branches, also get branches when you plant them. you need to wait a little bit till they appear.

note:you need to water trees twice. or they die.
(is around 30-40 minutes between 1.and 2.watering)

you don’t need to soil or water trees again (except mango)

give me a like If this was helpful​:blush::wink:

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OK. I have to admit as banana trees still new update. idk about banana trees, as I have not plant one yet

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Great info, thanks! I am glad to understand about Mango trees now…makes a lot of sense.

I am going to try planting a banana tree and see what happens!

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Mango are one thing, but planted trees with branches spawn branches without any help. Also, fyi I found that some trees spawn them faster than others, so if you want fire wood, I would recommend, for example, trees with straight branches which replace branches faster than some others.

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