What to use for sheep pen corners? Not gooseberry bushes?


I have been in many advanced towns, and it seems the sheep and cow pens always have berry bushes as the corners. I assumed this was because people can get in pas the bushes, but they block the sheep.

But…when I made my own pen, the sheep just ignored the bushes! I went back to check older towns, and cannot see anything in the corners except bushes. What am I missing???

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The sheep can cross diagonally over the bushes, so you need one more fence to block the escape just beyond the bush. Good luck!



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Question: what about huge stones? I mean the ones that are in the ground. Would that stop an animal if it was on the corner of a pen?

These are my favorite shepherd


Oh wow. That configuration is amazing. It’s really difficult when there’s a pen with no crates so I’m all about doing it from ALL crates, lol.

Agreed…very clever!!

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Oh,there is another use for radio.
mmh. radio-fence

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The base of the radio is unmovable but let’s you go trough. That can replace bushes. It’s made of 4 copper tho, 2 just melted, 2 rolled and like little hammers, on a wood board, at least Ohol had like that and it didn’t change here.

The best item is torch base, drilled hole in the stone blocks then a shaft, takes an axe and a medium yarn to remove and can be fixed with another shaft. So if they grief it they make you a torch.

In ohol I used all kinds of stuff, if it blocks movement it’s a wall. Roses before was changed, takes a long time tho. Snowman pen triggered the snow walls in ohol and it was changed to decay or something. Even half Adobe walls are cool, or full. In ohol it took Adobe to fix it, in yah is just clay.

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You missed a few, trees, ponds, cacti.
Distiller, signs, graves.

Also square pen best pen. The resources needed per tile are more optimal above 5x5 square. 2x length 2x width +4 walls. If square 4x length+4.

Center tiles need no walls so they are cheaper. Squares got most center tiles.

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