What will you bring?

Assume you have a fine village with a horse and a cart. But you want to move somewhere else far. What will you bring from your old village to your new home? You can only do one trip but you can bring your horse cart and a backpack.

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I will put 3 basket and a fence (to set up the horse place immediately at new area).
In the 3 basket (axe plate, hoe blade ,chisel, adze head, froe blade , steel file, blade, showel ,mining pick ). All of them are in the base form so can put into basket . Then, in the backpack, fire bow drill, Rabbit , bowl , plate . When reach new area , attach all base form to wood . Then you have all equipment to start fire ( axe and fire bow drill ) . Then with bowl and plate you can either eat hard boiled egg or start farming as you have bowl . With axe and showel you can clean up land for farming and get free wood. Your village will grow very fast. In other way , you can replace fence with bellow and you have a space for rope . Either way , all I want to do is make it very efficient to start a village fast as fire and smithing really make a village grow fast . If you fear for safety , maybe replace the fence with bow and replace the rabbit with arrow . Although it will slower down the time to smith but since you have all equipment then no problem . You can use blade for knife instead of saw for safety but still saw is better for development . Oh ya , I forget you can replace plate with rope as your horse might get bitten. Just realize the first suggestion wasn’t that good but this is all I think will help a lot .


Thanks for the tips @Candylim940802!