What's the difference between You are Hope (YAH) and One hour one life (OHOL)

The question came up on the You are Hope Discord Channel, what might be the difference between You are Hope and One hour one life. The games share the same origin but got developed in two different directions.

@Sorah and me made a list of things, that are different in the two games. If there are more things that are different, let me know.

Here you find the list of differences:

You are Hope
Mobile only
One hour one life
PC only
santa npc halloween pumpkin
christmas presents halloween costumes
watering can watering system
6 slot horse drawn cart delivery car
banning system leader system
NPC merchant Amalon separation and trading
loom, dyes and pretty clothes fancy clothes
gravel roads dirt roads
paver machine for roads
carrot farm berry farm
baby bottle baby not moveable on ground
jars bottles
2nd way to make compost and a 2nd wheelbarrow
cave mining with bombs mines at veins
water ditches and bridges
railways with track switch and flags railways with stopper
beehives, bees, cakes (bowls and plates) wine making
event on your private server with apocalypse at the end.
no-kids server, so you can just build stuff
peace lily system so you can spawn to your favorite location random spawns
non murder zones near peace lily monument sword fights
firestriker in later stage for making fire
twin, triplets and quadruplets spawn
dogs and treasure hunt dog dogs
birth control pills and fertility tea
zoom out mod
dying of grief
foods like rice and stickbread tomatos, cucumbers, peppers, grapes, onions and garlic

@Goliath here you find the biggest differeces between ohol and yah


Wow, thank you for taking the time to create this and put it together.

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