What's the new eve spawn

Hi. I played the game back I think in 2019, decided to return. How the eve spawned mechanics works now?

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Actually only the developers know at this point :wink: they changed it somewhen but never actually said how they changed it.

On some servers it goes slowly but steady south east.


If you mean the Lilly, you can place a Lilly to mark a spot, then if you get buried, and play 10 minutes (even meanwhile), you can spawn back to your spot as Eve. By meanwhile I mean the other condition. If you are the only Eve, you spawn back to your spot regardless of burial. So your 10 minutes will be played and you get a reserve spawning. You can even bury yourself on a chain.

Burial means a hole, your bones in it, and the soil and a gravestone. Without gravestone won’t work, saw a player locking herself on a grave before finishing mine. You can only exit on top, if you make a blocking object on the tile you are at. This includes animal dead bodies, boxes, graves.

This also means, all the noob éves running in forest, block everyone from their spot, also no reason to die if you know that an eve is alive (mother, grandma, old city owner). But when it dies, it’s your best chance.

Also you can ask random guys to mark a spot, then die if you are not 50 yet. As you can bury them before you die and they play 10 min elsewhere. Best to get a Lilly planted (or decays) and not water it until is needed, a bit further from the camp. I saw many players die while searching for one. Especially that any good player has a spot marked and won’t give it up for any random city.

For the spawn locations I don’t know. It’s usually close to a spot someone was active, which can mean a single branch picked or even something you can’t prove like renewable food. I think it’s still in spiral, based on the bells I saw when playing in cities.

If you find a straight biome side, that usually means there is an iron vein extending on that line. Based on the angle of that line (diagonal is also straight) I presume that points on one end to the center of the map. Since that’s how the spaces are filled.

Assuming it’s not the oldest towns, it should be on a circle edge, so that line and a bell shares a coordinate direction. So if a bell rings top left, the center is left. If you play daily, you will see most new town are similar vector to a bell and that will move clockwise the day after.

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What do these things mean? What spot?

I just explained. She was digging my hole, put the soil, but the other grave had no gravestone so she accidentally put one on it while standing on it, so she got blocked and starved there, as nobody could dig out the stone for her.

Since just one Eve can go back to her Lilly spot, the noob éves who run around without a Lilly and city, block everyone else until they die. So if you aren’t buried, you can’t back unless there are no other éves.

Well, you have explained now, anyway. I did not realize that you could put a stone on a grave while you were standing on it—nor that doing so would trap you on the spot! That’s a glitch for sure, and a good thing to understand and avoid, so thank you for that!

For the second part…“just one Eve can go back to her Lilly spot” is not true. Many players can have the same Lily location, and will be reborn there as long as they’ve been buried their last life. And if they have not—yes, they will be born to a fertile female elsewhere instead. But it sounds like you are complaining that other people want to play the game! Being reborn in your Lily location is up to you, not to other people who simply want to play and have children who help them in their camps. It’s not a “noob” thing. I do it all the time, because meeting new people and trying out new things is fun.

You are certainly welcome to join a new family, help them out with their camp, and then ask that someone bury you (just play for 10 minutes first). I do that too, and it works well…I have a fun life elsewhere and can return to my “home” location next time I play. Do it quickly enough and you will be able to find your bones there and bury them, re-starting your loop.

Or I guess do what I see many babies doing…run off and die (harming your mom, btw), and try again later. But don’t insist that everyone play the way you do, or clear out a server for your convenience. That’s a bit selfish, I think.

I just said that too. If you lose the burial spot you can’t go back.

So the only way is to be the only Eve. Do I have to spell it out?

It’s not that hard to lose your spawn. As it’s not depending on you. I had an afk daughter and she went far from the main camp so I starved. So either I don’t keep daughters or I wait until they die, cause they might be ■■■■ parents.

So I’m not talking about that. What is gone is gone. Simple as that. Woulda shoulda could a won’t help. It’s simple logic. Nothing to do with your feelings and attitude. What you say, makes no sense, first of all you just present the other side of the coin, like it would be any better. Sounds like a preacher trying to lead back someone to religion for his own self esteem while acting smartass. It’s the same story, if someone doesn’t believe in religion anymore, is likely because he knows too much, not because he doesn’t know enough.

You still hung up on a premise that is not supported by the game mechanics. There is not that much variety, if you run around the map, you get bored of it. Newbies enjoy bell runs, but it’s 99% hopeless and eventually you gonna hate it. Lives play out the same too. After a while you realize from a few things how it gonna go down. Little things like a 4th Adobe behind a kiln. If they don’t make it, chances are they never even want to make iron tools. With 3 capable players you can get to sheep pen, iron mine and all tools. It’s not high tech, it’s when the fun begins, it’s basic stuff. Yet some players mess around with making food for nobody. The game can be blamed too, not enough information or feedback on what should players to do. But the selfish thing is to ignore progression and use up resources in vain.

So yeah, I don’t like players wasting resources and time, and I don’t need half a life to figure out it won’t lead to anything. Your hopes of random encounters are flawed too. Chances are that most of your ‘fun’ encounters were orchestrated to be that way. One time I taught a little girl to make stew. Honestly didn’t plan to do it, it just was a weird town setup where making stew cleaned up a bunch of garbage lying around and I needed a bit of time to wait for resources to do something else.

I know that most lives won’t be any fun, I still stick around if there is any hope. And I made a bunch of bad locations work out despite the odds. But dumb éves who can’t even choose a decent location or do some pottery, and just run around the forest for 40 minutes are not doing anyone a favour. If you are ■■■■ at the game, don’t play as an Eve, simple as that. Do the tutorial, read guides or play on a less populated server. And the 5-6 suicidal babies they got, prove my point. On top of that some of them even act all mighty that you should listen to them because they born older.

In any case, it’s nothing to do with preferences. You got your own preferences, probably you will see things as they are when you play more and realise how dumb it is what you just said. But that won’t change the Meta. Nor teaching. Game mechanics have to be changed to guide players to make better choices. The Lilly mechanics are bad like this. If you want to do something, it should be a way depending on your actions, not on others, or limitations based on skill, not random things. Rewards should be for good actions and punishments for bad ones, and it should be worthwhile. For example, if you could choose to go back to your Lilly spot after X hours, or contribute to other locations, by making things and earn tokens that way.

Noobs as éves cock blocking everyone is plain annoying. Cause the most efficient would be killing them. And since you can’t do that, maybe you just annoy them so they quit. So if you can understand logically what the limitations are, it’s actually incentives for bad behaviour. Or in your case copium.