What's your dream town?

I already closed the poll cause we already started :smiley: in fact it is almost done (and it is the one with the road in between :wink: The digging and water is done (except for one berry bush that still needs to be removed). Just some work on the bridges and the raspberries left. And some small stuff :slight_smile: the Diesel engine was a massive help!

I just was in and I noticed that absolutely no iron is there anymore?! The last days so much of it was there. If it is used, that’s fine. But I wonder if someone took it all and ran off with it?

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Hey @Christoffer! Right here where the pillar is at the water this looks kinda strange. Can we make it that the corner pillar is on top of the water and not cut out?

This is how it looks now:

This is how it should look:

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It’s not possible to draw an object on one row (wall) after an object on the next row (water). The problem is that the corner wall draws over a large portion of the next row. Moving all wall objects up in their tiles would be the right solution, but that would potentially have a lot of side effects.

Sad :frowning: I thought its maybe just a bug. Cause when you have a floor on the lower row and a pillar on the upper row the pillar also is on top of the floor and not the other way around. Well okay I leave it that way and don’t move the pillar up. It’s supposed to be right at the water :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Lets make more cars on no child.


And we could make a car racing track or something like this :star_struck:

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@Katjes I noticed that the structure has done! It looks really nice for the north entrance of the town.I used the irons that you mentioned to make some shovels for the structure.

Yeah I just finished it with the last raspberry bushes :smiley: thank you so much for everything! Credits to you and @Sorah and to everyone that helped building this.

Also I am up for being hired as an architect if someone wants some designs :rofl: I also help building it


And as @Angry_boi suggested, it would be much more fun if we have more cars!

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It Lookes realy nice @Katjes .

I can gift an other Car to this town. But honestly, first we should get a save place for it.
Let me know when y will do a Car Race!!! :smiley: