What's your favorite food and why?

My favorite food is omelet, easy to make and gives us a lot of food bars. Sister stew is also good because we can eat it more than once.

For pie, i like berry carrot rabbit pie.

I still don’t know what i can makes with pork. Except Carnitas, but is for puppies.

i like the cactus fruits :yum:

Turkey! Not just because it make yummy slices of turkey and delicious drumsticks, but because you can make soup with the bones!


Rabbit berry pie

Omellettes are great!
easy to make, i make them even as an eve to feed my kids as sos food when the berriebushes still are not fruited, like pie to, because you can make baskets with the wheat makes it multifunctional.
If you’re village has a great habit of eatin pie instead off picking berries of buches, there would be so much soil needed…

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My mouth waters at the food in this game. :drooling_face:

All that stuff is great and all but for me nothing beats a good old slice of mutton pie. It satisfies the baker in me when we start stockpiling round after round of hearty pies. Tacos and cabbage stew are interesting and all, but ultimately it’s a lot of resources for not much food. The yum bonus can be more easily achieved by just mixing up the mutton pie filing with some rabbits or carrots. Did you know you need limestone for making masa dough for tacos? That can’t be natural surely…

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Berries because it’s the easiest food for lazy people

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I prefer mutton pies because while you work the compost you will naturally acrue tons of mutton and the compost production is usually not enough if you 1 dont a helper or if the berry consumption is far to fast from high population for you to make berry rabit pies.