What's Yum bonus

People might already know but I’m going to explain it anyway.

Yum bonus is just bonus bars you get when you are eating something, it gives you more bars at your limited bars. This bonus bars didn’t add one square at your bar status, but giving you the sign +number at your bar status. That is yum bonus. When you do your activity, these yum bonus is used first instead of your bar status.

How to get? Simply, before you eat something, just makes sure that your emoji is at “yum” :yum:, not at “meh” :expressionless:. Every food you eat at “yum” will give you +1 bonus. However, this bonus might reset to 0 when you eat when your emoji is at “meh”. Means, you have to eat different kinds of food every time.

For example, you eating one berry, your yum bonus is +1. Then you eat one carrot, then your yum bonus now is +2, and so on. But if you eat berries again and your emoji is showing meh :expressionless:, your yum bonus will reset to zero. So makes sure you eat at Yum so you got plenty of bonuses.

Usually, you need to eat 4 different kinds of food before you can eat the same kind of food again. For example if you eat berries, and then carrot, and then pie, and then stew, you can eat berries again because the emoji will show you Yum.

I still do not know how many max yum bonus you can get. My record is +6 before i killed by a snake or killed by griever. Also, it might little hard to get higher bonus as an eve or early develop camp as not many kind of food around.

So, Don’t ever eat the same food twice in a row or you will not obtain this yum bonus. It’s quite handy as you can do more stuff than just desperately eating again and again.

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I have gotten mine up in the +30’s before. If you build it and need to eat at a few bars then eat a few foods to jack it way up. An example is say you’re already at +10 and need to eat when you have 3-4 foos bars left. Eat two or three foods to fill it up and each food is +11 than +12 added at the same time. Popcorn, berry in bowl, etc to get full and jack up the bonus. Helps when old. @ 40 work on it always until you die, You loss food bars with age but can keep a huge bonus and maybe eat a few more foods before you die and can spend time talking passing on info of the area for the future generation.

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My order is different but a good list to start off;
Berry +0
Berry in bowl +1
Popcorn +2
Corn +3
Carrot +4
Wild carrot +5
Burdock +6
Banana +7
Cactus fruit +8
Onion +9
Potato +10
Omelette +11
Berry pie +12
Carrot pie +13
Rabbit pie +14
Mufflon pie +15
Berry carrot pie +16
Berry rabbit pie +17
Berry carrot rabbit pie +18
Carrot rabbit pie + 19
Stew + 20
Turkey +21
Turkey broth +22
Bean burrito +23
Pork taco +24
Cooked rabbit +25
Cooked mufflon +26
Cooked goose +27
Fish + 28 (rare)
Cooked beans +29
The cabbage is one I never eat or see +30

I’m sure I’m forgetting some please add if you know any.

Any combo will stack so eat the food in an efficient order and when you’re about to starve stack it and get a huge food bonus stack saves tons of food.

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Holy moly…

When you’re food bonus is that high, do you hunger bars run down slower?

Technically, yes. Because it use your yum bonus first then your bars. So you need less food