Wheat, berries and co

I was thinking about some things we could mix together for new foods.

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The fruit mix you can take on a journey. Made out of the 3 berry types raspberry, gooseberry and blueberries as well as bananas and mangoes. Either mix it as dried foods or make a juicy fruit salad out of it.

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The other idea was a power bar. It could be made by berries, bananas, mango, honey and wheat.

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And last idea. The cereal bowl. Made with wheat, fruits and milk.

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I agree with fruit salad and cereal bowl. But for , energy bar, I don’t know how should it be shaped. Should we like squeeze them like paper so it will be like square shape?

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thats a good idea. because all the clay bowls have a round shape it’s not easy to get them in a rectangle shape. so squeeze them with flat rocks (like with paper) and maybe use a sharpe object to make them square i think would work.

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