Where are the weekend events

So I’ve been playing this game for the longest time(before the weekend events were even a thing)and when weekend events cam out**I LOVED THEM!!!**but it’s been a while since the last weekend event(May 1st)so I’ve been think where the heck are the weekend events, if someone could answer this I will be grateful.


I dont know for sure but it seems the developers have been very busy with working on major projects.
Theyre trying to make it easier for them to make new content for the game i think.

Also the private servers took up a tone of their development time. So that may have been part of the reason why they havnt developed any events lately.

Ok ty

You nailed it. That is actually the right answer.
The developers are working in the remake up of the game. They have no time to spare in the events. Soon they will be back on track, and we will be able to see thous well missed weekend events.

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Mandrake assumes correctly. I would add that one of the things we are working on behind the scenes is better architecture for running events.

Up until now, we have had to program and recompile the server end for every new event, and also whenever we wanted to make a rerun we would first have to import all the event logic back into the latest server code.

Now we are investing effort into separating the event logic into separate scripts, so we can reuse previous events more easily even when the server logic has been updated. It also opens the opportunity to support running events on Private Friends Servers (we really are thinking about everything, aren’t we :wink:), though that would of course require more work on the Private Servers too.

There will be a trial run of these “scripted events” very soon. Stay tuned!


Sounds great, I enjoy the weekend events. If that works you could run polls and replay favorites. I’d take part in that. :smiley: