Where is everyone

So I’m not sure how the eve spawn works but I think I’m in the middle of nowhere. I’ve made cars to try to travel to other cities but I’ve never reached one yet! I miss visiting and having people visit. If someone want to build a city around mine I’m down. I also think the only way I could get to other cites is being born there but I believe most people are solo playing most of the time. I named the place the hidden city but I think it’s to hidden :frowning:


I sometimes, see new village spawns, around the town i inhabit… but so far no one has visited me when i play… i tried reaching a bell town west of mine, i get easily destracted and never visited them (Book town if im not mistaken the fam name)… even try the radio from time to time with no avail… Yes, i play solo or with my roommate in game, Eve 1.0


I’ve radioed book town before and lost two cars trying to get there, that means I’m even farther away then I thought. There was a good few big cities near me, one even had a huge wall. I stoped playing for a while and they are all gone too. It’s so sad, I want neighbors as a solo player. I try to have kids but they either run or die young. If you ever meet me I go by Gaia :slight_smile:


What server are you playing in? I’ll try to visit!

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Yeah it’s Usb2, low key mad cause my walls poofed one me and now I have to redo it smh. I’m also in the discord if you wanna come visit :slight_smile:

I was born once in book town but never in/near hidden but have heard of it! :slight_smile: I would love to visit but rn I’m focusing in my small town. I’m curious about the Discord tho how can I join? :slight_smile: If you ever meet me I normally go by Jade Donut hehe


Here is a Link to the official Discord Server


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