Where the Wolf Family

I have the pleasure to been there
Hope u guys keep the good work


Are you there now? I was just there :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s awesome! Me and another built walls around the forge :slight_smile:

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Omg awesome!!


They trying destroy unfortunately
I was born like man and someone stole all pies

I was there like 4 timestoo

It’s me.with blue hat loooolz

Did you die? Also we need more ppl to come it’s almost dead

Yeah, I hope we can back

I’m baaack

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The original family tree is dead but people are still living in the village under the Wolf name. Whoever started this family, thank you. Most fun I’ve had on here yet.

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I was here too!
I gave you red sweater after dealing with the pie thief !! :joy::joy:

Oh wow I am impressed :star_struck: I was actually Eve Wolf and lived another 2 lifes there. I like it that someone kept on spawning there using the wolf name when the first family died out. Keep up that great work!


Super bad news yall. I spawned there again because I saw my family line died out. I lived to forty and didnt have any children. If someone happens to find my bones please bury me