Which is the biggest city you have lived in?

Also I can’t wait for the event

On mobile I haven’t seen many really big towns. At least not on the European servers I call home. But a few have had basic iron tools. One time I spawned as an Eve in a strange old town. It looked more like a colony for some advanced mega civ than a town in its own right. Industrial stuff, some advanced tools, but not much else. The only farm I found was a plot of potatoes. I’m guessing that it must have been some kind of outpost or colony town with the purpose of ore extraction. Shame my dependents never lived long.

Although more interestingly I was once born into a huge sprawling city, but on the pc version of the game. This city dominated the servers for a few days before eventually dying our, populated by several successive families thanks to a bell tower. I spawned there three times. The first time it was a large enough town anyway but by the third it had whole sections to the city which people had forgotten. Shame it was running out of iron by that point. I used the prime of my life to gather a measley two ore from very, very far away indeed. It was a shame because they were building a new gigantic castle building just as I returned. Never got to see it complete or know whether they finished it or not. On my second life I used some paper to call it Cain City, although this had disappeared by my third.

once i was in a town called the sweet village on europe-2. it had a bell tower which i followed. 4 buildings stood there and 1 was in the making. there were sheeps, pigs and cows. and there where even several horses and a car. it was such a lovely town and it was nice to be there with the founder. but it was made with the old eve respawn system. so i hope we can get there also with the new system, but its much harder now.

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My own town, Wumboville. :grin: