Which one better?

I need to ask for your opinion.
Which one is better?
So i was born in very nice village. They have sheep and three well. A lot berries, chef, cheriff, farmer. So, i decided to take care of the sheep.

So i need soil for the carrot so i ask a girl with basket to give me soil on the stall. She brings me soil, such a nice lady. Then, she told me to use hoe twice to make tile. Means, i need to take one bowl (not twice) then use the hoe to tile it twice.

I told her “the tool will broken faster”.

“better than running out of soil” she said.

“we have sheep” i said.

“true. But then the shovel will broke too” she said.

Well, which one is better? Broken the hoe or the shovel?

True, that if we don’t have enough iron to make new shovel, the village would be doomed because we will run out of soil. While, brokening the hoe, we still can use other options such as skewer.

But in the other hand. We have shovel that we don’t used it so often, unlike hoe, so shovel will took time a lot longer to be broken and makes quite a lot of compose.

Which do you think?

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I prefer double soil. It uses twice as much dirt,yeah. With how much dirt should be near a village with a sheeps pen though you shouldn’t have to worry. Iron tool usages is more important to me. Especially if your village did not have a mine. Or a way of making mines.


Double soil, always, without doubt.


Double soil.


double soil, and I’d rather have a shovel than a hoe. I find the hoe to be a waste in early camps or if you have a land full of skewers.