Who plays on android?

Just wondering because there’s never really anyone online so it’s hard to create a settlement.

I thought both android and iOS worlds were the same? And that they were on a different server to the PC players? It’s probably just because there isn’t enough beta testers yet no? I’ve been posting about it online because I know for sure i have tons of friends that’ll want to get in on the beta for this game, if there’s not enough people then we need to find them!

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Android and iOS plays on the same server. It is not Jason’s server so PC players are not there. Beta players are welcome!

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For those who don’t know, if you are an Eve, die of old age, and then respawn as an Eve, you will spawn where you died. This way you can progress when not many others are online.

Really? I just died as an eve and was nowhere near all my old stuff

Did you die of due to “Old Age” and respawn as an Eve?

Oh no it was hunger I think…

I play in Android Android people are usually around though.

What about 2HOL. It and different servers from Jason and has some extra stuff like a mammoth!

There’s already something like that

How does someone actually get on the game

Is too late for that now. You have to wait until the final release.