Why are you encouraging hatred in foreign servers?

Why are you fussing about foreign servers?Please don’t let this happen again.We were too young to banish her and she died looking for another village.Koreans have been through this a lot, so they have a strong dislike for foreigners.We do not raise foreign babies well because of this reason, I am sorry not to raise them after knowing nationality.

So I hope I can get rid of these when I am one year old.


なので1歳になったら、 取り除けたらいいなと思います。

I was also killed by this Japanese griefer. A Korean server has a user who says that he will kill anyone if they are Korean. If you want to kill a korean player, you should only use a japanese server.

In addition, there is a griefer who speaks Japanese on the Korean server. In order to prevent anti-Korea and anti-Japanese sentiment, I hope that any server in any country will not act like Griefer.

@Yang-E @AngJu
Could you both send me family links to your encounters with this person? I want to see if I can figure out his player ID and try to manually banish him in the data base.
Normally I would not do this, but this case does not seem normal at all.


Thank you @Christoffer! Racism is very bad and shouldnt be allowed at all. I am happy that you will take Care personally of this case. It’s almost criminal.

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This is an example of extremely disruptive behavior, with the intent to sow discord.
I would caution everyone to be careful with your conclusions though, so you don’t play into this person’s hand.

  1. We don’t know that this is a Japanese person. The name is in English, and almost all Japanese players use Japanese names.

  2. The actions of this person don’t reflect well on Japanese people, and this could be the actual intent behind their actions. So it could be directed just as much against Japanese players as Korean.

  3. Racism is not the correct term here. We wouldn’t call it racism if German and Austrian players were behaving badly against each other. Nationalism fits better, I think.

Anyway, let’s hope we can put a stop to things like these.


Thanks, you are right. We don’t know the intentions of this Person. I Just Hope you get her/him. It’s a really bad behavior and have to be Stopped.


This is my family link. I am Korean, and the reason I used Chinese at that moment is because I use Korean, Chinese, and English keyboard through mobile, so I hope you don’t misunderstand.

I don’t know which country that griefer was from, but before he killed me, he said, “あなたは no koreaです” Whether that griefer is Japanese or not, the griefer using Japanese continues to appear on the Korean server. It is easy to believe what people are supposed to be, so there is a good chance that someone in Japan might think they are griefer behavior on Korean servers.

It is feared that this will escalate into anti-Korea and anti-Japanese sentiment.
I ask you to solve it quickly.

We found the player ID for this person and manually banished them. Once they have played enough to be released from banishment, they will be on probation and it will be enough with very few Banish points to send them back again.