Why do you people starve always

Just watched my last daughter who I had to hand feed due to being born right as I turned forty starve to death at 14 yrs old while standing on one of three omelettes I was keeping constantly ready for her. Like no matter what I do you people just don’t eat. We had like 15 goose ponds, wild berry bushes everywhere, and a small berry farm going and I was on full time omelet duty just for them to get their bones all over it. I just don’t get it.


I think a lot of it is being distracted with real life (someone talking to you, looking up crafting on the wiki, etc.). Time goes so fast in this game… I’ll admit to dying a few times while standing on food. There’s also the awkwardness of trying to click items that are obscured by your character, or accidentally picking up wrong items and having troubles dropping them in the correct place. When that starving bell chimes it can cause a lot of panic… and hey, in real life, starving reduces your mental abilities. Life is in a fog, far away…


Those kinds of people interest me. Why don’t they just eat themselves?

I mean I admit to starving when born to an eve just because hunger goes quick while young but usually if I make it to ten yrs old I’m pretty much self sufficient. I’ve also starved alot when playing in a small village just because natural food sources are all dry. It’s just frustrating that my children always die no matter how hard I try to keep food ready for them. Like aside from force feeding them constantly IDK how I’m supposed to start a village. Hopefully it’s just people still working their way up the learning curve but yea to any newbies reading this, once that hunger bar hits 4 stop everything you are doing and eat. If it hits one you are basically already dead.

they might be afk. specially with the new update in which the client doesn’t close… I looove feeding ppl

yesterday i was born in a other village i didn‘t belong to and i didn‘t want to play there. so i did kill my character like 8 times as a baby and 2 times as an eve. the spawning system isn‘t working the right way. so yeah maybe the 10 skeletons is bit much in one place, but its how the system works.