Why hasn't updated new items since July 6th?

Why hasn’t updated new items since July 6th? In the past, it has been updated for two weeks. Is your studio on vacation, or is the new items being tested?

Also on the development of new items ideas: In this game we can experience everything from the farming age to the iron, to the steam engine, to the current electrical age. It’s very appealing that technology is improving through the efforts of generations, just like the development of history, but the game brings this out more vividly. So I think I can update the items about the electrical age, and the technology up to now, if i can, why not enjoy the future?

The devs is currently busy on big updates.


Okay… Thank you. Im looking forward to the next update. XD

Maybe make a post about your future update so we know what to expect, if its already out there i overlooked it . Loved the last update :grin: @Christoffer

Both, i.e. a few people are on vacation, and others are testing new stuff.

There will be many more releases in the future, but we finished a lot of content at the beginning of summer, so it takes a bit longer until next update this time.

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