Why you want to solo?

Just like the title, it’s a poll for the solo players, peoples who was the solo player. I started the poll because l want to get some information for my point: l want to write something about society of this game, the best solution I can think of. So,please! Please help me !:pray:
PS:l’m sorry for m’y poor English. :frowning:

    1. Potentiel griefer
    1. Save time
  • 3.Other

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I like playing solo (and on NoKids) because I’m always working on some task or other and you can’t do mobile work with a child. It means you can’t carry anything and if you do set them down, as soon as you pick then up again you lose a pip. If you were carrying anything it must now be abandoned as you quickly rush your child back to safety. Hope you were keeping track of your position!

Plus, you want your children to have a good chance, so you give all your resources to them. That pack and coat I finally made? To first child. The sealskin I used to replace it and my basket? To second child. The next sealskin? Third child. By the time I’m 43 (because I gotta help that final kid I had at 39) my pips are shrinking, my yum is shot, my life plans abandoned and my gear is lost in the wilderness.

The last years can vary, but they’re always hungry and generally not much fun. Then I just hope that next time I come back as a boy so I can actually play. Worst is an Eve because then I’m responsible for helping keep players alive without any community backup.


I chose other because the first to are both valid reasons why i used to solo play.

So for the possibility of griefer it is as you can imagine it or have heard in all the other posts. So all I’ve got to say is try solo play for yourself to understand the joys, pains, benefits, and annoyances of solo play.

As for saving time its true in some sense but it depends on the solo player how advanced they become. For example a solo player may advance to having a car and every resource and item in the game within 4 or 5 lives, mean while another solo player may only start making steel tools after 10 lives.

A third over looked reason is for players who prefer not to be a burden or feel like other players are looking down on them if they don’t know something so they become hermits avoiding the general populace. (This might lead them to keep playing solo after they’ve learned everything they can or wanted to due simply getting used to solo play)

And finally probably a part of almost all, if not all, of solo player reasons for not wanting to play with players they cant trust is not because they believe they are griefers or because those players dont know how to play the game. Its just they don’t want to lose what they have done.
What i mean is that a solo players camp, town, or server is like their bedroom. People spend days, months, or even years decorating their room and rearranging them. All it takes is one child ,little sibling or a parent meaning well to come through and everything’s suddenly different.

There’s now a hole in that wall, wheres my door! Why is there sheep poop on my floor O.o Didn’t i have a dresser there? Where did all my permanent clothes go?
Someone ate all of my burritos >.<


I just enjoy returning to the same location with or without other players, so I play on my private server and the no children servers.


I choose other. It’s not always about the grieving. But it just more fun that way, build everything by our own, makes a beautiful town, learn a new things.

But I also play in social because it’s fun too, meet a new friend and old friends. Having the best and the worst family. Teamwork.

Guess both has a downside and upside.


There are several reasons I like solo and the new no child server. I don’t like griefers but that isn’t enough for me to not play on a community server. As for the other poll option, it does save time in some ways but not others.

I cannot always take an hour to play. Sometimes when I can, real life happens and I have to quit my game. This makes me feel bad when in a community because others are depending on my player.
Raising kids takes alot of time and I don’t like it when they starve or run away, it also prevents some types of work. Being a boy is nice for foraging and hunting.

Also, though I am not new, it takes me a while to learn the steps in making new things. It takes me several times doing a task to develop my own pattern, only then can I speed up how long it takes me to do it. I also spend time in the tree trying to learn. I do not have time to do that on the community server. If I do it looks like I am AFK or being a noob and I do not want to be either.

Being alone is nice, but the community is great too. When I know what to do and how being in the community can be fun. It also can make things easier and faster because more people are helping do different tasks. This is why there is such an emotional response when there are griefers. It is more then just the hard work of one destroyed it is the work of many.


i like to make roads and get horses. these are both task you go far away from the village. so other players ask me everytime „where is home?“. they seem like they want to play in a village with other players. so i feel bad when i force them to go with my play style. often i bring them to the next village, but then they want me to stay with them. so not every play style works for everyone. but when i dont build roads and im at home i raise kids everytime.


Most of the solo players are on eu-2. I chose ‘other’, because you can reach more when playing solo, because you don’t have to spend time on getting and feeding kids and helping the town, and you can easy reach 60 so you respawn. Its a things a lot of people do. Its not that we are just not nice, but we are just carefull with our towns.


The biggest reason I play solo is because I could never stand having to work with what I was given. Usually I like to go bigger with everything, so when I’m barely given enough space to work or put stuff down it always frustrates me. As the original road builder I LOVE SPACE

Then there’s my many many past experiences raising kids with 3/4th of the time ending badly. So I am defensive about what’s been done to the town I worked hours on. For example if one of my kids first instincts is to pick up a weapon I’ll disappear make my own and come back to kill them. It’s what I’m so used to killing griefers now it’s like whatever. They don’t phase me when deciding to raise a kid.

You can only come back seeing nothing’s been done and everything’s empty so many times before you give up on randoms.

At the same time it’s because of all the random babies I raised I met pretty good people. All of them really good at this game. So it’s hard to say if it’s a bad thing to raise babies.

The thing is, I never had to teach my friends how to play so it comes down to not being obligated to teach other people. Everyone learns better on their own here.

If you’ve got a quick question it’s easy to answer in game but if your asking “how do I do this” it’s too tough to explain step by step how to do stuff without wasting a good 10~20 minutes.