https://onehouronelife.app.link/bYTJiiLDJR my fam

I spawned like 3 times as an Eve on the SAME server… Lived to age 60 on that family… Set a kiln, forge and a moderately big berry field on that place… Crafted a home marker… And of the 3 times I spawned as an Eve, it was nowhere near my home…

Honestly, if the server doesn’t wanna let me rebirth on my colony, I’d rather play on a JP server and live a full live on a megacity… Let the Japanese do what they want with US2, I’m done of making several camps and never spawning back…

Did you live any non-eve-60 lives in between those?
Could you PM me all your family tree links of that session?
Maybe we can finally find out why this happens…

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Ok. Lemme check and I’ll send em right away
Also by non-eve-60 lives do you mean ALL lives of the day this happened? Or just the eves which didn’t make it to 60? (of this day of course)

I’m interested in all family links starting with the first time you lived as eve to 60 to the third time you did it, plus the first life after that. (On the day in question).
Please make sure to not miss one in the middle if you can. Thanks!