Wolf Maze, save the world by watering the peace lily (weekly event idea)

It idea for weekly event.

First we started with giant maze with peace lily in the middle of the maze. The team will be divided into 2 team: A human and a wolf.
A human (player)
A wolf (player too). I want the wolf as player instead of computer. That way we can fight each other.

If you spawned as human, your main goal is to find the peace lily and water it. You will win if you manage to water it. But you have to be quick because your food bar will running low. Also you need to avoid meeting the wolf or you will get eaten by them.

If you spawned as wolf, your mind job is kill all the human and make sure they didn’t reach the peace lily. Your team will win if you killed 50 human (or higher). Wolf also have food bar and will die if they didn’t eat human. (possibly with lower amounts of food bar and hungry faster)

Now, both of wolf and human will spawned with the same balance. Mean they are at the exact same number. If there’s 1 wolf, the next player will be human. If there’s 1 human the next player will be wolf and so on.

Of course the wolf can be killed but the weapon is hidden somewhere in the maze.


That sounds cool! Seeking for berry bushes for food, while going to the maze with your team trying to find the peace lily, while watching out for wolves. And if your lucky, you find a bow and arrows (a good maximum is 3 bows in the maze and 10 arrows). But to water the peace lily, you would need to find a pond and a bowl. Do you have to find the bowl or make it? And remember if you place a well or duck pool in the maze it blocks the way.

I think we don’t need to make a bowl because the maze was low on food supplies (food are rare and hidden). So the bowl will be hidden too.
The wolf can’t remove the bowl and hide it of course, but since our team member might found one and die the bowl can be anywhere on the maze or one of us betrayed us and hide the bowl (what do you think?) . The wolf also can’t bite us when we step on something.

I like the idea!
(Sorry for the edit on your post title, that’s just how i am :joy:)

I like it to lol.

Seems feasible if they make it so that the wolves attack is set as a held item similar to how yellow fever works (thats why when your bitten it looks like your arms are trying to hold something)

That way wolves cant use their hands. Itd also be cool if they made fence gates for the server that when closed open atomatically after a set amount of time so that if a wolf is chasing someone they can shut the gate to save themselves. (Would be hillarious if some gates are dead ends though)

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