Wondering How to rejoin the same family

Is there a way to rejoin the server and spawn in the family or village you been living in with the previous life. So I can keep growing the progress of the same place I been working on. Thanks!

If you want to respawn at the same location as an eve you need to spawn as an eve and live until 60. You will be spawned back there the next time you come back as an eve, you can still be born to someone though. There’s a chance that if your killed in a life someone will spawn as an eve on your corpse. There’s also a chance someone will spawn on your corpse if you live until 60, but did not originally spawn as an eve.

If you want to keep building in one place I recommend you get a friend or someone you know to keep being born to. Make sure each life your born to them that your a girl so you can keep giving birth to each other. If a boy just suicide and be reborn lol. This is pretty easy to accomplish on a low population server. Try to give some time to accomplish this though, like 10 minutes before the youngest person turns 40 you should aim to be reborn as a girl to them.

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