Wood walls and furniture

So after playing my fellow masons bros and bricking up the towns and upgrading from wood floors, we are left with a massive lumber surplus. Probably over 100 extra planks just sitting around. We made enough boxes but still have trouble finding a good use for it. We were thinking we could use the wood for making walls and furniture.

Wood walls could be placed the same way as clay or stone walls with stakes and we could even use the butt logs to make more of a wood cabin look too. This would make it a nice low-mid level tech aesthetic use as we need axes and froes to use it. Destroyed by axe and removed by adze.

I would really love to see counter tops so we could make markets and shops and put goods on them or make kitchen counters and probably a milk bar saloon lol

Other things we could make would be tables with chairs with a combination of planks and long branches and sawed versions of them as well. Curved branches to make rocking chairs too.

Maybe a luxury home marker could be a bed made of feathers, big ball of yarn and a set of planks.


Nice idea! What do you mean with luxery home marker though?

I was thinking on the public server it could act as a normal home marker that looks fancy and on the private server have the eve that placed it spawn there if they die before 60