Ok so is there another way to collect worms other than empty soil pits? I’ve been going by horse for so long.

Other than bucket , I don’t know.

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But I want to multiply them, or farm them. So much traveling for some worms :face_holding_back_tears:

You can multiply worms by building a compost box. It only takes three worms in a bucket to get it started, but when you scoop out all the soil, many more worms are left behind.

Here is how:

You need a krautboard (a sharp blade and some wood? I forget!), a crock, a bucket, some boards, and a wooden box, plus a fresh ear of corn, a head of cabbage, three worms and two shovels of dirt.

Add the dirt to the box.
Place the krautboard on the crock, then swipe the cabbage and the corn into the crock to make shredded veggies. Add this to the box.
Add 3 worms to the bucket and dump them into the box.
Put the wooden boards on it as a lid.
The box will open by itself, and you’ll see 4 baskets of soil inside. Scoop them out with a basket and use in your farm.
Once the soil is gone, scoop out the worms with your bucket…you will now have 10 worms!!


I’ve been playing for so long and never made compost like that, I guess that’s why I never know! Thank you for the tips !!