So i was wondering if we could get some kind of way to farm worms since fish are such a good food but can be extreamly limited. Fishing poles are relativly expensive and worms are limited in quantity.

Maybe a simple transition for Wormless Soil Pit with Mushroom into Wormy Empty Fertile Soil Pit

Or maybe a timer for worm pits to become Wormy Empty Fertile Soil Pit again. So that we could farm one worm every so often but if all worms are removed it would grow mushrooms again.

Or maybe a bucket of soil add a worm and you get more worms after a time.

Would be usefull if more fish recipes are added such as sashimi and shushi so that we could farm fishes for an extended time since worms are so limited.


I believe we can create compost with worm in real life so why not like a specially made vegetable compost that produce worm.


Good idea!