WumboJumbos OHOL Political Dictionary

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The act of believing or allowing all or most randoms to live after birth, and playing the game how Jason Rohrer generally intended it to be played overall. This includes the belief that players should have complete freedom or a lot of freedom.


A player that believes in Socialism.

The Anti-Fellowship

A group that was founded by @Ob0wie83 (and a few others). It consists of Socialists and some Soloists (from what I know).


The act of not believing or disallowing all or most randoms to live after birth, but play the game how Jason Rohrer generally intended it to be played overall. This may include the belief that players should have a limited amount of freedom.


A player that believes in Fellowism.

The Fellowship

A group that was founded by @Ranma (from what I know, correct me if I’m wrong). It consists only of Fellowists.


The act of believing in playing alone and not allowing anybody to live. Soloing is not how Jason Rohrer generally intended OHOL to be played overall. This includes the belief that they, the Soloist (refer to the Soloist definition if you don’t understand what it means) should have complete freedom.


A player that does and believes in Soloing.


The Grandleader is the leader of the city region.

Vice Grandleader

The Vice Grandleader is the assistant of the Grandleader.

City region

A region that has a central megacity, with smaller cities branching off from it.

Socialist Department

The Socialist Department is where Socialists vote on bills.

Fellowist Department

The Fellowist Department is where Fellowists can vote on bills.

Soloist Department

The Soloist Department is where Soloists can vote on bills.

The Grand Complex

The Grand Complex is where the Grandleader and Vice Grandleader can approve or decline bills.

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I’ve barely even scratched the surface of what’s possible with Politics in OHOL.

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Chill i dont even care if u vote

Then why did you bother replying? Just wondering.


I cant explain u how crazy it is

So whatever

I’m the definition of crazy. The good kind of crazy. :crazy_face:

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As one of the founders of the “anti fellowship” I’d like to inform you that it was originally based on anarchy not socialism.


I wasn’t thinking of the actual meaning of socialism. I was thinking of a different meaning for the word. Sorry for the confusion!

It’s fine. That’s why I’m no longer a part of the anti fellowship. I think people became confused about the idea and the purpose of the discord.


Oh, I never knew that!

Pretty much both discord’s are idle or not what they potentially could be. I joined the fellowship and lots of people were playing together building together keeping out griefers.

I joined because I was building a lot of stone things and someone said join the discord so we can communicate better.

The day I joined people were fighting over petty things, and the group split up. I remember two people leaving over a silly meme.

I believe the age gaps had something to do with the conflicts in the groups. People don’t realize how young some of the players are, as an older more “mature player” myself :wink: I try to have discretion with what I say and joke about in the discord and here because of that.

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Someone should make them active again.

I play with Ben. We get along great. You think you can tolerate him? We’ll start a new discord if they fix the eve spawn.

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I hope they will!

That’s the issue, it’s not something just someone can fix or change by themselves. It takes all of us to be a part of the community. In any society there are wildcards and people disagree.

We can’t have any exclusivity or dictator type systems to punish ones we don’t agree with. That’s censorship and oppressive. I’m for freedom and free speech but we must emphasize respecting one another so that’s not taken advantage of.

Idk what I’m trying to say, but I’m staying in the fellowship for the future events and updates. I’m sure we can all forget about whatever past transgressions we have had. And just live our best lives together.

Instead of politics and unnecessary social structures we should just take things for what they are. Discord is to communicate easily and until they come out with a way to do it in game or in app on ohol. There is no other way to do so as effectively.

That’s what the Fellowships purpose was initially. Idk what happened along the way. But that’s all it will be from now on.

It’s not a way to keep people out like people thought when the “coders” fiasco was going on. It’s a way to keep us together, joining the discord was the only hoop you had to jump threw to get in. If you didn’t then it was assumed you didn’t want to play with us. Then it turned into people intentionally destroying stuff. That’s when things became exclusive and rubbed people wrong. That’s how the code wars began I believe.

I been ranting long enough sorry.

This is partly an experiment that I’ve been working on for around 6 hours now.

The code wars began when Rouge decided to make herself queen of the discord and banned Ben because of allegedly disrespecting others which was against the rules. This was why I left and I was the second in command. I wasn’t interested in playing with people who are not tolerant of everyone. Yes, that is all in the past. It still doesn’t change anything about my approach to the game. There is no political structure that will work imo. Only one ideology is relevant which is anarchy. No individual can be controlled by any other person. There is no leadership that can enforce rules. Everyone is a volunteer and what they contribute to forming a civilization will be of their own accord.


I agree with you on the freedom and free choice part and it should be that way. Rouge has departed and left the discord and stopped playing and communicating with anyone. No one knows why really.

I’m like 3rd in command now, I assume if you go by privileges and what not. Shannon and Kappu are the heirs to the discord when Rouge left. When rouge left a few others stopped playing also and it’s been pretty quite since then.

This wouldn’t even matter if we had the number of players the Japanese have or even half that play on our servers. We all need to unite or we just waste our time playing at starter towns over and over.

Yes 100 percent this. None of this would happen if there were more people on the server. But that’s not the reality of the situation. Even with the cooperation of everyone playing, for example, on the EU server, that’s about 13 people max, average is about 8. It’s impossible to sustain a civilization overnight. Without the eve spawn this game is pointless for me which is why I’ve stopped playing. I’m still here because I’m still hopeful for change but that is up to the devs.

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